Have a Rob Roy at home, here’s our recipe!

We love the Rob Roys that our cocktail maestro constructs for us (Sam of ABV Media, he’s a gem) and it’s annoying when you get home and want to recreate it but are not sure how, isn’t it?  Well, let us solve your problem by sharing his recipe with you.  His comment on the cocktail was, “This Scottish version of … Read More

Music to drink to: Callum Gardner is coming to London!

A huge part of our affairs is introducing you to great artists whilst you’re carousing your way through the evening.  We’re delighted to welcome Callum Gardner to the London event, performing two sets throughout the evening.  The first set will showcase some of his fine acoustic work, and later on he’ll be joined by a band to close the revelry. … Read More

Three new brands for you to try at the London event!

We have not one, not two, but three new brands to introduce you to at our London event in April. Not sure whether you want to commit to splashing out on some new tastes? Don’t worry: we don’t want you to, so they’ll all be free! They are new to us and we want to introduce them with the chance … Read More

What is a Whiskey Affair event like? Here’s your definitive answer.

It’s difficult to describe exactly what our events are like to new people. We’re starting a new event, and while still in our primordial stage it can be a challenge to elaborate on what our nights entail.  We work on a similar system to a beer festival – cashless bars, a huge variety of brands and we’re adding new features all … Read More

So, what is the difference between whisky and whiskey?

That little vowel denotes a huge difference in not only origination but distilling processes in creating our favourite umbrella of drinks. We are asked frequently about our choice of spelling for the events, so we thought we’d look at the etymology behind the discrepancy. Firstly, whisky is the traditional name given to products originating from Scotland. The Canadians, Indians and … Read More

The Whiskey Affair: Brighton, Take 1

So, the affair was taken to Brighton in hopes of finding more than just a few flings.  What did we stumble across?  An abundance of like-minded people that we can visit again in the future, whilst we forged some relationships with new partners that will be continuing throughout the year at our next events. The venue was filled with crepuscular patrons darting … Read More

May we introduce you to Josh Bevan if you have a moment, please?

One of the most satisfying elements of The Whiskey Affair is sourcing the musical entertainment for the events.  We have extensive contacts throughout the country in terms of music from our experience at the venue we originate from.  Nights out drinking whiskey are an excellent way to pass the time, but it’s an awful prospect to do that in a … Read More

Pancake day – with whisky?

Yes, you read that correctly.  Pancake Day is a tradition that we all love to endorse but the staples can become bromidic over time. Here at The Whiskey Affair HQ we wanted to investigate a way of combining our passion for whisky with the art of crafting some variety into Pancake Day this year. We have started this with a … Read More

Flaviar: The perfect way to discover new whiskies?

We have teamed up with Flaviar to bring your attention to their services and what a fantastic benefits they have for the discerning spirit lover. They have a range of different packages depending on what you’re looking for including, a monthly subscription of varying whiskeys that you can sample along with informative notes on each bottle. It gives you the chance … Read More

Have a Japanese Breakfast with our tasty recipe!

The second cocktail that was voted a firm favourite at London was the Japanese Breakfast.  Our cocktail guru, Sam of ABV Media described it thus, “A twist on the gin-based Breakfast Martini, this version uses sweet marmalade and salty dried bacon to enhance the flavours of the light/floral Japanese Whiskey in this beautiful drink.” It was unusual but delicious, and … Read More