Three new brands for you to try at the London event!

We have not one, not two, but three new brands to introduce you to at our London event in April. Not sure whether you want to commit to splashing out on some new tastes? Don’t worry: we don’t want you to, so they’ll all be free! They are new to us and we want to introduce them with the chance to sip to your heart’s content and chat to those in the know about which ones will suit you best. So, what’s coming along? What’s their backstory? Read on to find out!


Ock-un-tosh-un…Auchentoshan. The only single malt distillery in Scotland to triple distil every single drop since 1823. More time consuming, more costly but absolutely unique. The smooth, yet distinctive flavour makes Auchentoshan perfect to mix long, in a cocktail or savour in the classic way, over ice or with a splash of water.
• Glasgow’s original urban malt since 1823 – Produced on the outskirts of the city, drawing on Glasgow’s ?nest pure water source that runs through every household tap

• The only distillery in Scotland to triple distil every drop.

• One of the smoothest and most unique tasting malts – More approachable than traditional single malts, making it perfect for mixing / cocktails or drinking neat

• Number 1 lowland malt worldwide



The Macallan Series
The Macallan 1824 Series is a new range of single malts which showcase the very best of The Macallan, built on the principle of natural colour, one of the Six Pillars.
The series has allowed Bob Dalgarno, The Macallan’s Whisky Maker, the freedom to select from a range of casks specifically for the natural colour they deliver. Using his expertise he has created an exceptional range of single malts which showcase The Macallan’s world of natural colour across a broad spectrum. This approach sees him select the right casks at the right time, which deliver first the colour and then character fitting for this new colour-driven range.
100% matured in sherry oak casks from Spain, the Series delivers the full bodied aromas and flavours for which The Macallan is recognised and famed.
-Exceptional oak casks Every single cask is either hand-crafted or hand-picked by The Macallan Master of Wood. It is this unfaltering obsession with selecting exceptional oak casks that delivers the wonderful variety of colour, aroma and flavour throughout The Macallan range.
-Natural colour At The Macallan, natural colour is something we insist on. It is the interaction of spirit and wood alone which delivers the rich diversity of colour evident throughout The Macallan range.
-The peerless spirit The Macallan Master Whisky Maker keeps a watchful eye on the slumbering casks, selecting the moment when each cask is at the peak of maturity and perfect for bottling. It is this mastery of spirit and wood that creates The Macallan…the world’s most precious whisky.


.Macallan 1824

The Naked Grouse
The Naked Grouse is a premium blended whisky from The Famous Grouse. Born out of a passion to create a great tasting whisky rather than spend time dressing it up, The Naked Grouse contains two of the world’s most renowned malts, Highland Park and The Macallan, which are slow matured in first fill sherry casks.

• A premium blended whisky matured in first-fill sherry casks – Costing 5 times the industry average • A new award-winning breed of whisky, which is exceptionally rich, smooth and easy to drink – Great on its own and in cocktails. • Made with The Famous Grouse and containing two of the world’s most renowned malts Highland Park and The Macallan – Results in a new premium blended whisky of exceptional quality • No declared age statement and no unnecessary packaging – This product is about maturity and quality, not age and fancy packaging.


Naked Grouse


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