May we introduce you to Josh Bevan if you have a moment, please?

One of the most satisfying elements of The Whiskey Affair is sourcing the musical entertainment for the events.  We have extensive contacts throughout the country in terms of music from our experience at the venue we originate from.  Nights out drinking whiskey are an excellent way to pass the time, but it’s an awful prospect to do that in a room of silence and we simply refuse to do so.  Each festival we have has a musical accompaniment for you to discover and the Brighton festival was a total no-brainer for inclusion as we contacted Josh to check his availability within an hour of securing the venue.

Josh is a jazz/soul singer living in Brighton who we have been following closely for years.  With a voice that is so smooth you’ll be sipping drink after drink mesmerised, we wanted to introduce you to him properly.  If you’re attending the event then you’ll get an idea of what is to come; and if you don’t live near enough to come then spend the afternoon listening to him croon at you.  It’s the best way we can think of dispelling the Monday blues swiftly!

Here’s all the hard work done for you to find out more:

Website:  Josh Bevan

Facebook:  Josh Bevan’s Facebook Page

Music: Soundcloud Page

We’ll leave you with one of our favourite songs of his.  It was difficult to choose but we settled on this one: