Have a Japanese Breakfast with our tasty recipe!

The second cocktail that was voted a firm favourite at London was the Japanese Breakfast.  Our cocktail guru, Sam of ABV Media described it thus, “A twist on the gin-based Breakfast Martini, this version uses sweet marmalade and salty dried bacon to enhance the flavours of the light/floral Japanese Whiskey in this beautiful drink.”

It was unusual but delicious, and we loved watching people ponder over whether to take the plunge and try it or not –  swiftly https://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/anticonvulsant/ deciding that they loved it.  We used Nikka whiskey for the cocktail and it was perfect but feel free to experiment with others though and let us know what you find!

Sam’s recipe:


Japanese Breakfast


35ml Light Japanese Whiskey

20ml Triple Sec

25ml Lemon Juice

1 Barspoon of Marmalade

1 Egg white (or 1 per two drinks)

Add ice and ingredients to shaker, shake and pour over fresh ice in rocks glass and garnish with slice of dried bacon.