What is a Whiskey Affair event like? Here’s your definitive answer.

It’s difficult to describe exactly what our events are like to new people. We’re starting a new event, and while still in our primordial stage it can be a challenge to elaborate on what our nights entail.  We work on a similar system to a beer festival – cashless bars, a huge variety of brands and we’re adding new features all the time.  We have teamed up with Shine now for example, and live music is a central point of our evenings.

Whilst reading all that may give you an inkling, we think that seeing is believing. To that end, we enlisted our friends at ABV Media to film our Brighton event for us. ABV Media is the company https://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/antibiotics/ that Sam, our cocktail expert is a part of – so if you have any media or cocktail questions, he’s the man with all the answers.  It’s a chance to see what the focus of the night is, and how much fun we have.

If you came to Brighton, can you spot yourselves?  Are you thinking of coming to one of our future events, but are not sure what to expect?

Have a look at our film and kick back for a few minutes this evening with a dram and a cosy fire.   It’s what whiskey was made for.

Come and join us in London as our next affair develops.  We can’t wait!