Southampton review : a stormy November night

        Well, the weather outside was frightful – but thankfully, Southampton was delightful (and we think Sinatra would agree.)  We’re a week late with this update, yes – apologies for the delay but the matter of a small hand operation rendered typing a mere pipedream last week.  This week though, we’re back in action and as well … Read More

Southampton- you can live the American Dream!

We have a great talk lined up for you in Southampton, and you’re going to want to register quickly to get your place secured because we only have limited spaces for this! Ben Hammond from Maxxium UK is visiting the event to showcase some of the brands you know and love, and talk through what makes them special: Devil Cut … Read More

Dream Drams

We have Dream Drams to introduce to you – but what are they, and why should you care?  Every event we are bringing a special bottle with us for you to sample.  99% of our bottles are available at a token each, but these are two tokens per sample because they’re just that little bit out of the ordinary.  They … Read More

The Whiskey Affair: Uber-Responsible

We love to see you all enjoying our Whiskey. It’s what gets us up in the morning (along with a strong cuppa – milk and two, if you’re making) and allows us to put in the passionate hard work that we do. We’re also aware that a few people might like to come and sample as many of the whiskeys … Read More

Reading: the home of the sweet tooth and our busiest events yet!

We descended on Reading on Saturday for the first time and were excited to bring our festival to the most lavish backdrop yet – The Great Hall in Reading University. Walking in to the venue made many a jaw drop throughout the sessions with staff and attendees alike, we can’t wait to return next year now that we’ve adopted it … Read More

Wishky, You Were Here!

As The Whiskey Affair continues to grow, one of the most exciting parts for us is the opportunity to find out about, and team up with, others who have been seduced by the lure of the (usually) amber nectar.   One of the most exciting new discoveries for us has been the fine folks at Wishky ( and after a … Read More

Focus on: Paul John Whisky and ‘our Shilton’

Shilton is one of our regular brand representatives at the events.  We invited him to the Brighton event and not only loved the whisky, but the man behind the introductions, so we kept asking him back!  An excellent ambassador for the Paul John brand and a wealth of knowledge, delivered in style, we thought we’d pick his brains a little … Read More

Need enchanting? Allow us to introduce Prints Charming…

Our focus today is on that bombshell you see darting about at every event snapping photos left, right, centre, underneath, above, behind and in front.  Hana Laurie is our resident photographer, but she also brings her fabulous photobooth with her to capture every aspect of the events for future reference and blackmail purposes. A wedding photographer and teacher by trade, … Read More

Southampton, are you ready for a wintry dram? We are!

So, we’re starting to step up our events at The Whiskey Affair HQ and have only gone and booked Southampton for November.  We’ve chosen The Stage Door for our debut to the city and we think you’ll love the theatre vibe of the place, just like we did as soon as we walked in, it was instantly perfect for us. … Read More

Horse’s Neck cocktail- for extreme summer!

    We are based in the UK, so we therefore have summer for four days every year – which we embrace wholeheartedly.  As this is one of our days of summer we are not coping very well, so we decided to do something about it. This is one of the cocktails made at our events on the menu … Read More