The Whiskey Affair: Uber-Responsible

We love to see you all enjoying our Whiskey. It’s what gets us up in the morning (along with a strong cuppa – milk and two, if you’re making) and allows us to put in the passionate hard work that we do.

We’re also aware that a few people might like to come and sample as many of the whiskeys as possible – in fact, we actively encourage it! Seeing those rosy cheeks and slightly wayward walks as a happy customer leaves at the end is the feeling of a job well done. But as Britain’s most exciting travelling Whiskey Festival, we’re also aware that people might not live right next to the venue, but want to sample our delights! And we realise how important it is to hammer home the age-old message (but never too oft repeated) of not drinking and driving. With so many of us knowing or knowing of someone who’s been lost to this irresponsibility, it’s a mentality that seems to be changing in the modern day and long may it continue – and we at the Whiskey Affair want to be as responsible as we can.

Public transport can be tricky, and minicabs unreliable – as such, for our previous Whiskey Affair in Reading we teamed up with Uber to offer a £15 discount promo code to all of our attendees – no more arguing over the designated driver! The uptake was excellent and exactly what we were hoping for – that all our Whiskey Affairees got home safely, quickly and easily. We’re going to be offering the same again for our attendees in Southampton on the 19th November and hopefully for many more Affairs to come! When you download the Uber app to head to our fabulous event, make sure you use the code WHISKEYAFFAIR.  It’s not limited to Whiskey Affair events either, you’re welcome to use the code whenever you sign up to Uber for a discount so that we can help you get home safely.  Have a dram on us!