Need enchanting? Allow us to introduce Prints Charming…

Our focus today is on that bombshell you see darting about at every event snapping photos left, right, centre, underneath, above, behind and in front.  Hana Laurie is our resident photographer, but she also brings her fabulous photobooth with her to capture every aspect of the events for future reference and blackmail purposes.

A wedding photographer and teacher by trade, she was booked for the first event because we knew her work, had seen the booth at functions and were aware of her ability to integrate into a team easily.  (OK, ok, she’s also my best friend, but really though – if she’d been awful, we’d never have booked her and I’d have said that I was elsewhere when the events cropped up.)  Thankfully, she’s great at what she does, and part of what we want to do as a company is introduce you to the people that comprise the team because we’re people too, not a faceless corporation.  A personal recommendation is always more worthy than a random Google search – and her work is always fantastic. Check out her website here:

We thought we’d interview Hana so that you could get to know her more, and find out what drinks make her tick.

Tell us the background of Prints:

The idea for Prints Charming was born out of a camera set up with a computer and a backdrop – I knew we needed to be a little more SLICK, so Prints Charming was born! I’m a wedding photographer in my main life, so it seemed like a natural add on to my service, and so far so good!

What are your favourite types of drinks at the events?

I am a rather large fan of the cocktails created by Sam and his team. He’s created an entire cocktail menu of drinks which are interesting and perfect for those who aren’t HUGE fans of whisky. The Japanese Breakfast is a personal favourite and is garnished with a slice of super crispy bacon – delish!

What are your favourite brands of the Whiskey Affair range?
In terms of brands – there’re so many I like that it’s hard to whittle it down! I’m much more of a peaty whisky fan, as it reminds me of a fantastic walking holiday we had in Yorkshire and that flavour is just… Ooh! So with that in mind, The Big Peat didn’t last any time at all when we got a bottle home, and nor did the Smokehead… Another key contender though is the Paul John Peated – you can often try this for free at the Whiskey Affair events, yumyumyum.
What do you enjoy doing most at the events?
I’m a big talker. I talk a lot.

What is your aim for your own business?
To take over the world, Pinky! (To shoot more awesome weddings which leave me tired and with smile lines on my face and to work where I can also socially sup.)

Where can you be found outside of our events?

Day to day I’m home with our puppy Ernie, or out walking other people’s dogs. When I’m at home I am editing weddings, replying to lovely people or working on promo for future exploits. At the weekends, you’ll find me anywhere in the country with Prints Charming and/or my two trusty cameras bossing out the photos. It’s a pretty ideal situation, for me!



So, if you are looking for a permanent record of your event, face, family or pets (especially dogs) then here’s a girl we’d heartily encourage you to book (unless it’s a Whiskey Affair event… hands off, she’s busy.)