Dream Drams

We have Dream Drams to introduce to you – but what are they, and why should you care?  Every event we are bringing a special bottle with us for you to sample.  99% of our bottles are available at a token each, but these are two tokens per sample because they’re just that little bit out of the ordinary.  They may be limited editions from some of our favourite brands that we’ve nabbed just for you; exclusive bottles that are new to market that we can’t https://healthsavy.com/product/provigil/ wait to show you or some fine old whiskies that you would never want to go and buy by the bottle without knowing what you’re spending all that money on.

We’re finding these so that you can taste a dram that you wouldn’t normally be able to get to, and our bar staff are just as excited as we are about the idea.  We can’t https://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/sleeping-aids/ wait to share it with you, so who do we have up first in Southampton?
English Whisky Co. Founders Private Cellar – Port Cask
James Nelstrop, The English Whisky Co founder bottled this in April 2013.  It was a Port Cask release distilled in 2007 (port cask 0859).  There were only 210 of them produced and it received excellent reviews.
We’re bringing a bottle of this with us to Southampton so if you’d like to try a sample then head straight to the Scotch bar and ask Mike, who may begrudgingly serve you (we sense a battle to get him to part with this!)
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