Wishky, You Were Here!

As The Whiskey Affair continues to grow, one of the most exciting parts for us is the opportunity to find out about, and team up with, others who have been seduced by the lure of the (usually) amber nectar.


One of the most exciting new discoveries for us has been the fine folks at Wishky (www.wishky.co) and after a chat with them recently, we were extremely excited to see a mysterious package drop through the WA letterbox! Other than being the sound Sean Connery makes when he asks for another dram, Wishky is a new subscription community that brings you a new tasting box to your door each month, with some of the finest whiskys from around the world – allowing you to discover new tastes, much as we love to do at the Whiskey Affair.




Tearing the package open, we found a beautifully presented set of vials with numbers and dates handwritten on, like something you’d see in the lab of a mad scientist or a steampunk novel – no names to be found!


This leads to perhaps the most https://www.buyambienmed.com/buy-ambien-online/ interesting aspect of the entire experience – the blind tasting! A set of very comprehensive tasting cards are included, so if you’re that way inclined you could spoil the surprise. If so,  you’re probably the kind of person who feels their presents on Christmas Eve, and we’ll have no truck with that.


No, much better to take a sip of each one, allowing the flavours to work their way round your mouth while you try to identify the notes and subtleties of each spectacular brew – it’s like a quiz show, except where everyone gets steadily drunk on great flavour. Beat that, Pointless! Once you’ve picked your favourites, you can score them on the Wishky website and earn points to spend in their shop (and we will be).


We hope to have Wishky collaborating with us on future Whiskey Affair festivals, so keep an eye out for their distinctive branding and glint in their eye. Or just head over to www.wishky.co and get yourself on their subscription list quick sharp!