Brand New (and vice-versa)

We have three new brands joining us at Winchester on 26th August, and we can’t wait to try them!  One to each bar- we’re adding to the distilleries’ ranges that we already love, and branching out to a new one in the bourbon section.  So, who do we have and what are they like?  Here’s what they have to say … Read More

Are you an artist? Step inside, we may have a job for you…

So, we have a project over the summer that requires some artwork to be created to our specifications. Guess what? We can’t draw! Can you?! We’d love to get involved with someone that has a shared interest in whiskey, our sense of humour, and GETS what we’re doing. It’s a few simple projects, mainly revolving around human drawings that are … Read More

Altonians Assemble!

Alton Assembly Rooms was another new venue for us and we couldn’t have been more delighted with it. The building is a beautiful town hall and absolutely perfect for our event with versatile facilities and different areas able to cater to our needs. Our masterclass was provided by Steve of Shine London. He chatted through the history of moonshine; held … Read More

Reading: the home of the sweet tooth and our busiest events yet!

We descended on Reading on Saturday for the first time and were excited to bring our festival to the most lavish backdrop yet – The Great Hall in Reading University. Walking in to the venue made many a jaw drop throughout the sessions with staff and attendees alike, we can’t wait to return next year now that we’ve adopted it … Read More

Need enchanting? Allow us to introduce Prints Charming…

Our focus today is on that bombshell you see darting about at every event snapping photos left, right, centre, underneath, above, behind and in front.  Hana Laurie is our resident photographer, but she also brings her fabulous photobooth with her to capture every aspect of the events for future reference and blackmail purposes. A wedding photographer and teacher by trade, … Read More

By George! We think London got it!

It would have been appropriate to arrive at Conway Hall in our fair capital on 23rd April on the back of a dragon, but a Volkswagen van has more storage so we opted for a more sensible mode of transport.  Welcoming new partners to the events, the room was buzzing all night and the easiest place to locate ‘mobile’ staff … Read More

The Whiskey Rebellion

Here at the Whiskey Affair, we appreciate that whiskey can stir the emotions amongst aficionados. However, whilst the worst we’ve seen at our events amounts to a little subtle manoeuvring with shoulders to get at the ever popular bourbon bar (we’re British, after all!), in the U.S. they’ve been known to do things a little differently. In 1791, the US … Read More

So, what is the difference between whisky and whiskey?

That little vowel denotes a huge difference in not only origination but distilling processes in creating our favourite umbrella of drinks. We are asked frequently about our choice of spelling for the events, so we thought we’d look at the etymology behind the discrepancy. Firstly, whisky is the traditional name given to products originating from Scotland. The Canadians, Indians and … Read More

Flaviar: The perfect way to discover new whiskies?

We have teamed up with Flaviar to bring your attention to their services and what a fantastic benefits they have for the discerning spirit lover. They have a range of different packages depending on what you’re looking for including, a monthly subscription of varying whiskeys that you can sample along with informative notes on each bottle. It gives you the chance … Read More

Have a Japanese Breakfast with our tasty recipe!

The second cocktail that was voted a firm favourite at London was the Japanese Breakfast.  Our cocktail guru, Sam of ABV Media described it thus, “A twist on the gin-based Breakfast Martini, this version uses sweet marmalade and salty dried bacon to enhance the flavours of the light/floral Japanese Whiskey in this beautiful drink.” It was unusual but delicious, and … Read More