Are you an artist? Step inside, we may have a job for you…

So, we have a project over the summer that requires some artwork to be created to our specifications. Guess what? We can’t draw! Can you?!

We’d love to get involved with someone that has a shared interest in whiskey, our sense of humour, and GETS what we’re doing. It’s a few simple projects, mainly revolving around human drawings that are fun and warm- not too serious. It’s hard to explain what you want when you’re not artistic enough to express it, so here’s an attempt:

We DON’T need:

We MAY need:



Does that ring a bell with you?  Is it something you’d be interested in?  We’re absolutely confident that we have a pool of talented people out there to tap into, and it would be great to use someone that we’ve met through this venture.

The particulars:

What’s that?  You’re an artist and want to get paid for it?  OK, we entirely agree.  So, quote us for the cost of drawing approximately thirty cartoon humans to our brief (one set of 10/15 to be done in a week, then 15 or so to be done in a fortnight or so).  We are happy to pay in traditional currency or whiskey.  (As, you know, whiskey is kind of our thing.)

The interview:

We thought about this, and because of the aforementioned inability to describe what we want exactly, we’re giving you an interview process right here.  Two people that just we’d love you to draw in your own style for us are below.  We figure that when we see the ones that’ll work, we’ll know.  Also, they’re just our kind of people, and if you draw them as we see them, we’ll be able to spot that.


Lucille    dale-cooper-coffee


Feel free to post them on your favourite social media platforms to us (make sure we can definitely see them by tagging us accordingly) or email us at  Deadline is next Friday, we can’t wait to see what comes in!