By George! We think London got it!

It would have been appropriate to arrive at Conway Hall in our fair capital on 23rd April on the back of a dragon, but a Volkswagen van has more storage so we opted for a more sensible mode of transport.  Welcoming new partners to the events, the room was buzzing all night and the easiest place to locate ‘mobile’ staff … Read More

Our new partners get the chance to Shine

We teamed up with Shine London last event, and we loved them.  Their moonshine is delicious, unusual and they fit our fun nights like that elusive jigsaw piece.  We’re bringing them back to London on Saturday, so we wanted to focus on them this week.  Interviewing Steve, here is an insight into the team to whet your appetite.  Stop by … Read More

Music to drink to: Callum Gardner is coming to London!

A huge part of our affairs is introducing you to great artists whilst you’re carousing your way through the evening.  We’re delighted to welcome Callum Gardner to the London event, performing two sets throughout the evening.  The first set will showcase some of his fine acoustic work, and later on he’ll be joined by a band to close the revelry. … Read More

London Review 2015

So, the dust has settled, the boxes have all been sorted, recovery and recuperation is complete and there is time to reflect upon our first event with the gift of hindsight. We had such a wonderful time bringing the event to London and matching all those new faces to the names and voices that had been dealt with so frequently … Read More