London Review 2015

So, the dust has settled, the boxes have all been sorted, recovery and recuperation is complete and there is time to reflect upon our first event with the gift of hindsight. We had such a wonderful time bringing the event to London and matching all those new faces to the names and voices that had been dealt with so frequently in the lead-up.

The feedback received on the evening and subsequently was absolutely fantastic and sharing our vision with people has been affirming on so many levels. Our next event will be in Brighton on 20th Feb (more details to come over the next few weeks) and we are coming back to London next year for all those who want to recreate the evening – bring your friends and introduce them to our world!

Part of our mobile phone app functionality was the ability to rate the whisk(e)y being tasted, so who were the favourites for the London crowd?

SCOTCH: Absolutely delighted to confirm that Compass Box came out on top- more specifically, Asyla was the winner for our London event. As massive fans of Compass Box and all they do, that’s very satisfying to type.

BOURBON: Hudson Four was resoundingly appreciated and was voted the best at the London event. Their bottles are absolutely beautiful, we wonder if that contributed to their popularity in addition to the lovely taste of the bourbon!

WHISKEY: Nomad is a collaboration between Richard Paterson and expert sherry producers Gonzalez Byass and was recognised as of a distinctly high quality by our purveyors in London.

COCKTAILS: The cocktail of choice at London was split between the Japanese Breakfast and the Indian Espresso Martini.  Both delicious, they were flying out consistently!

Our photo booth had some fantastic creations upon review, such fun to have at the event so we’ll definitely be taking them with us next time! The photos from the night were great to peruse as well – check them out here:

We had a delightfully positive response to our Flaviar giveaway for the ticket winners who won a free tasting pack, and they were kind enough to give us a promo code to use for people who find the link through us.  Visit and enter “AFFAIR” to get an exclusive discount.  Definitely worth a look, we love their subscription service to promote new tastes of our favourites drams to one and all.


The music provided by Dead Bone Ramblers was thoroughly enjoyed by all and apt for the night’s entertainment, huge thanks to them for hitting every nail on a collective head.

Did you attend the event? What did you enjoy? We’d love to hear your feedback about our Affair so feel free to message us through the website or email directly: Do you want to stay in touch with us to capture future events? Sign up to our mailing list and we’ll keep you informed!

From all of us at Team Whiskey Affair (photographed at the end of the night), have a great Christmas and New Year!

A Team


Links to those collaborated with in London:

Music: Dead Bone Ramblers
Photo Booth: Prints Charming Booth
Photography: Hana Laurie