Our new partners get the chance to Shine

We teamed up with Shine London last event, and we loved them.  Their moonshine is delicious, unusual and they fit our fun nights like that elusive jigsaw piece.  We’re bringing them back to London on Saturday, so we wanted to focus on them this week.  Interviewing Steve, here is an insight into the team to whet your appetite.  Stop by their stand and check out what they have in store for you!

Shine 4 Shine 2


How did you hear about The Whiskey Affair?

Thorough a bit of Twitter research (or procrastination whatever you want to call it!). Surfing the Twitter space opened our eyes to an event that we felt would be PERFECT for us, if not challenging. There is a general preconception about Moonshine, some good some bad, we promise that the stuff we have wasn’t made in my bath and categorically will not turn you blind…

Tell us the background of Shine:

It was on a road trip along the East Coast of the United States, trying this authentic drink – & more importantly learning about the history & culture surrounding it that really sparked the interest in Moonshine.  We’re on a mission to share the taste, taking people on a journey of discovery so they too can understand the history behind it. This is what sets us apart & makes us more than just a distributor.

What are your https://healthsavy.com/product/ambien/ favourite flavours?

We often fight about this, but I am much stronger than Matt so always win! My favourite is Apple Pie but I like to top it with a bit of American Shine, Matt’s is Peach.

What are your https://premier-pharmacy.com favourite brands of the Whiskey Affair range?

My favourite brand would be Hudson, Matt prefers FEW.

What is your aim for the brand?

To become a brand that stands for cool events, great drinks and cocktails becoming more than just a drink. We recently have officially partnered with Shine Cancer Support Group, the work these guys do is second to none. Its supporting things like this, working with cool and interesting brands in new and innovative ways that will make our brand just the way we want.

We’re planning a couple of pop-up events of our own as well as developing interesting partnerships to enhance the Moonshine affair! It’s our dream to do an art & drink night with the Gods Own Junk Yard (Chris Bracey).

Where can you be found outside of our events?

Guys – you want to have some moonshine, you can either hire the bar with us and we will be at your wedding, bachelor party, corporate event, 2 yr olds birthday party or anywhere! You can also find us at Porkys BBQ a FANTASTIC Memphis smokehouse serving the highest quality food from, pulled pork to stunning burgers, try one of our Moonshine Flights for the full experience! We are currently working on a host of other speakeasy come American styled venues to stock the drink, stay tuned.

Find out more info on the brand here:  www.shinelondon.net

Don’t forget, our London event is on Saturday.  We would LOVE to see you, share our love of the spirit and now you know what to expect from our Shine boys.  If you’re interested, buy your tickets here: