Benromach Peat Smoke No ratings yet.

Sample rating item Pour yourself a dram of this seriously smoky single malt whisky… we only produce very small batches of this unique Benromach Speyside whisky, so you’re one of the few people who are able to enjoy it. The finest Scottish barley is malted with high levels of peat smoke at 67ppm (parts per million: the phenol level, to … Read More

Benromach No ratings yet.

Sample rating item TEN YEARS OLD – ABV 43% Pour yourself a dram of Benromach – not too wee and not too big. Swirl the golden liquid around your glass and notice the AROMA WITHOUT WATER. In other words, take a sniff. Indeed, indulging in several little inhalations is the best way to pick up all the different notes… rich … Read More

Ancnoc 5/5 (2)

Sample rating item anCnoc is a rather curious whisky. You see, this fine single malt is created using traditional production methods. It’s just that we use them to make a refreshingly modern whisky (something that’s reflected in our contemporary bottle design and packaging today). The end result is a lighter-tasting single malt that doesn’t compromise on quality. 12   The anCnoc … Read More

Arran Whisky 4.5/5 (2)

Sample rating item “The making of single malt whisky is a sort of alchemy, the making of truly great single malt whisky is a form of magic”. There are very few ingredients in our single malt whisky; water and malted barley. What makes them special is simply the quality of the water in Arran, the quality of the barley we … Read More

Balblair 5/5 (1)

Sample rating item Welcome to the idyllic coast of the Dornoch Firth, the home of Balblair Distillery. It’s here, since we rolled out our first barrels in 1790, that we’ve been producing award-winning Highland Single Malt Scotch whisky. At Balblair we only ever release our whisky when it’s ready. Every year our Distillery Manager, John MacDonald, selects whiskies that have … Read More

Big Peat No ratings yet.

Sample rating item Big Peat is a feisty Islay character has a sweet side too – ‘he’ carries a big peaty (“phenolic”), beachy, oceanic, rather ashy selection of malts only from the island of Islay. We do not chill filter – we prefer a more old fashioned traditional approach – so you will detect a massive amplification of sea-faring qualities … Read More

The Big Smoke 5/5 (1)

Sample rating item The Big Smoke is a blended Islay malt whisky. Bottled relatively young, its characteristics are reminiscent of traditional Islay malt – full of peat smoke coastal sweetness. Powerful yet caressing, the Big Smoke is bottled at 46% and 60% ABV, and contains the likes of some of the most iconic Islay malt distilleries. The Big Smoke delivers … Read More

Black Bull No ratings yet.

Sample rating item Flavour is hugely important to us at Black Bull along with enjoying the good times, so with each of our blends we set out to create something new and different – whilst keeping in mind 150 years of Black Bull blending values and philosophies. We have created each Black Bull blend with its own flavour and character, … Read More

Cask Islay No ratings yet.

Sample rating item Having specially selected this single malt for its wonderful Islay characteristics, the complex and refreshing flavours will delight lovers of Islay whiskies, while its charm and charisma will tempt many to their first taste from this beloved west coast isle. The brand and packaging has wide appeal with its pleasing balance of contemporary and traditional. When poured, … Read More

Compass Box 4.5/5 (2)

Sample rating item Compass Box is a specialist Scotch whiskymaker. With us you will discover a world of small batch Scotch whiskies, made in a variety of styles to appeal to a variety of tastes. Asyla  A blend of soft, fruity malt whiskies on a bed of rich, sweet grain whiskies. All whiskies aged in first-fill American oak casks to … Read More