The best Whiskey Affair London cocktail: at home?

One of the most popular cocktails at the London event was the Indian Espresso Martini. Our cocktail guru, Sam of ABV Media, made this consistently throughout the night and it was a definite favourite amongst the team as we were packing down.

Do you hate going to a bar or a night out, drinking something spectacular and then not being able to recreate it at home? Us too, so we have solved the problem for you and have the recipe for this beauty right here, it’s delicious! We used Amrut whisky which is an up-and-coming Indian whisky that we were proud to stock at the festival. You can find out more about Amrut here:  AMRUT


Espresso recipe

These were our measurements, but change according to taste – you’ll be the one enjoying it, after all.  We’ll look at the other cocktail that people particularly loved next week but you have plenty of time to enjoy this one beforehand!