Spotlight on: Wildcat Whiskies

We love Wildcat Whiskies and have forged a great friendship with Katie, including her at every event that we can in whichever manner works best at the time.  Who are they though, and what do they do?  We interviewed Katie so that you can find out more about them.

How did you hear about the Whiskey Affair?
We are always on the look out for exciting new whisky events and were very happy when the Whiskey Affair came to Brighton! It’s right on our doorstep, so we were among the first to put our names down.

Tell us the background of Wildcat:

We discovered the joys of whisky during a trip to Scotland, like many others! We visited a distillery almost by chance and fell in love with the whole process. The people were extremely welcoming, the scenery is stunning and of course the whisky is incredible. Watching whisky being made is a bit like Charlie in the Chocolate factory – just replace the chocolate with Scotch! When we got back from Scotland, we started researching everything we could about the industry. 6 months later we started running tasting events. 

What are your favourite drinks?

While out and about, it’s fun to try different cocktails if they’re made well; craft beers are always a good bet too. At home, it’s beefy red wines like Malbecs. We love to cook and sadly don’t have enough whisky to go with every meal! Whisky is best when you’ve got a comfy chair and plenty of time, we think.  It’s really difficult to choose our favourite whiskies, but they include Glendronach 18 yr, Glenfarclas 15 yr, Paul John Peated and the Yamazaki 18 year old. Lately we’ve got into straight rye whiskies too – they’re very approachable. 

What are your favourite brands of the Whiskey Affair range?
It’s got to be Paul John – it’s an exciting, fresh brand from India, making excellent single malt whiskies after only a few years. And you’ve got Shilton’s charm running the show – what’s not to like! Massive respect for the cocktail guys as well, they really seem to know their stuff. The breakfast cocktail with Japanese whisky and bacon was just brilliant!
What is your aim for Wildcat?
At the moment we are exploring a few different possibilities. We are really enjoying growing our tasting events, and would like to branch out to organising them further afield. One day, a book might happen, perhaps on the best places to go to while on the world whisky trails! In the meantime, we hope to collaborate or work alongside some other distilleries. 

Where can you be found outside of our events?

We are currently exploring some exciting new venues for our tastings, such as Burkitt’s Havana House cigar lounge in Hove. Burgers and bourbon events are in the pipeline too. Please join our mailing list at, and we’ll keep you updated about upcoming events! You can also find us having a drink at Fourth & Church quite often, in Hove, or our local the Foragers. Drop us a line and say hello any time!
Twitter: @WildcatWhiskies

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