(No time for) lazing on a Sunny Afternoon in Guildford!

So now the dust has settled and we’ve all had a shower and put the whiskey away for another day; there’s been time to reflect on the absolute SCORCHER of an event at The Guildhall,  Guildford.

Despite the blazing British summertime making a rare appearance, the people of Guildford came out in their droves to sample a dram or five (or more) with us – and boy did we have a great time!

Hosting two sold out events meant that we brought a lot of the bottled heat to the historic venue, but we still ended up selling out of two brands, and almost a few more…
Returning to us once again were the exclusive importers of Palmetto Moonshine, Shine London. Since we last saw them at Conway Hall, they have gone away and upped their game to bring us Moonshine Cocktails which in the close, sticky heat were welcomingly refreshing. We didn’t try them all (we have to maintain some professionalism), but the “Stormy Moon” with ginger, lime, mint and Apple Pie Moonshine were delicious!   Moonshine Guildford

Also returning to us were Shilton and Katie from Paul John and Wildcat Whiskies; Shilton never fails to make us laugh with his photobooth antics, and Katie was kind enough to run a tasting masterclass in each of our sessions. We sent three of our staff members to check it out during the afternoon session. They sampled the Japanese Yamasaki Single Malt, pokey Scottish Glenfarclas 105 and the Indian Paul John Peated. Reports from the session suggest that the Paul John Peated stole the most hearts, though it was a close run thing!


Shilton   Katie talk


Serenading us through both sessions was the wonderfully vintage https://healthsavy.com/product/zovirax/ singer https://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/anti-anxiety/ Becki Short. She provided classic easy listening entertainment to the hundreds of people we welcomed through the door, and did so in an effortlessly charming way… even though it was roasting!


Becki Guildford

Upstairs keeping the cocktail and moonshine customers in trouble was our ever popular Photobooth and we’re sure you’ll agree that some of the photos explain those sold out whiskies we mentioned earlier…

So, now comes the big question; which was the hot stuff in Guildford? Which of the 60 whiskies warmed the hearts of the Surrey crowd?

SCOTCH Scallywag from Douglas Laing and, as always, Balblair 1983 were popular.  The chance to try the ’83 is unlikely to ever lose it’s appeal, but it was great to see a whisky we’ve always admired from D. Laing shine so brightly too!

BOURBON  Evan William’s Single Barrel was a star of the night on the Bourbon bar.  Followed closely by Noah’s Mill and Willet’s Pot, there was a lot of love for bourbon in Guildford!

WHISKEY  Scene of our most popular brand, everyone was clambering for a taste of Hibiki.  Hakushu was also fantastically popular, and Nikka too.  Those Japanese brands are making their presence felt at our events, that’s for sure!


Scallywag     Noah's Mill   Hibiki

COCKTAILS  There was a huge love for the Japanese cocktails again, the Japanese Breakfast being incredibly popular.  We spied our cocktail maestros having fun with a smoking machine and creating lots of beautiful concoctions for appreciative crowds!



All the photos from the night done by the excellent Hana Laurie are here:  Whiskey Affair, Guildford Gallery

A fond farewell from your Whiskey Affair Team, until next time- when we hope to party with you all over again!

Staff WA