Let’s find out more about Auchentoshan!

We have Auchentoshan at the festival in London on 23rd April and they are a new brand to the roster, so we wanted to learn more about them.  We had a chat with Jane Ashley, their brand manager who elucidated on the brand.  We’re looking forward to tasting it soon, make sure you stop by the stand to try a sip!

If you’re looking to attend our festival in London on 23rd April, tickets are here:


What does your range consist of? Our core range goes from the introduction to the brand,  American Oak up to a 21YO, always as a range of limited editions.

What is the history of the brand? Founded in 1823 in the outskirts of Glasgow, it was situated in the corner of a monastery grounds, out of sight from the tax man, and so takes its name Auchentoshan, meaning ‘corner of the field’.

What level of experience do your drinkers normally have?  Ranges from novices to a whisky aficionado types.

What’s an interesting fact about the brand that has slipped under the radar? We are the only single malt in Scotland to triple distill every drop.

If you are looking for a whisk(e)y https://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/hair-loss/ that isn’t from your own umbrella of products, what would you recommend? Glen Garioch, up in Aberdeen, is a  little gem of whisky which needs to be discovered.

Which whiskey cocktails do you like, and what is in them? Can’t beat the classics, whisky sour and old fashioned.

What is in the pipeline for your brand?  We are going through a re-positioning which plays more to our urban attributes and brings the triple distillation to the forefront, we also playing around with beer cocktails to offer a refreshing style whisky serve.

Do you remember where you started developing your love for whiskey? Around the same time when I was developing the love for wine, the dedication and innovation that goes into producing these amazing liquids is inspiring.

Is there anything you’d change about the whiskey industry, and if so, what would it be?  Not that springs to mind.

On the rocks or neat?  Both works for me.


More info on the brand can be found here:  https://www.auchentoshan.com/

Thanks to Laura for the insights, can’t wait to try the different ages at the festival.