Introducing: Dave of That Boutique-y Whisky Company

Have you noticed a new face in our Whiskey Affair team this year?  It may well be Dave from That Boutique-y Whisky Company.  We wanted to introduce him properly now that the company is becoming a regular feature of our events and give you some idea of the man behind the brand, so he kindly answered some questions for us.

How did you hear about the Whiskey Affair? It was Shilton Almeida from Paul John Whisky that put me on to you, but don’t tell him that! I found The Whiskey Affair when searching online for whisky shows in the UK. I was looking for opportunities to get ‘liquid onto lips’ and spread the news of TBWC

Tell us the background of Boutique-y Whisky: The Boutique-y Whisky Company was formed in late 2012. Our aim has always been to find interesting whisky, and bottle it! All of our releases are small batches, with individually numbered bottles. Many of our releases come from distilleries that you don’t often see bottled under their own labels as they predominantly produce whisky for the blended Scotch Whisky market. We’ve bottled whisky from closed distilleries, both Single Malts and Single Grains, and from distilleries around the world too, with batches from Australia, India, Ireland, Germany, The Netherlands and USA. We’re immensely proud of the awards we’ve won for many of our releases over the years.

What are your favourites from your range? With a range of over 90 labels now, it’d be difficult to pick just one! Out of the current releases the Macduff Batch 4, an 11 Year Old, is a particular favourite right now. Our blended whiskies are also superb and I’ll be bringing along one of our blended malts as well as a blended Scotch Whisky.

What are your favourite brands of the Whiskey Affair range? I’ve only been to two Whiskey Affair shows, but I was mightily impressed with the overall organisation and the range of whiskies on offer. Four simple stands offering Whiskey, Bourbon Scotch and Cocktails make for a very entertaining and educational session.

What is your aim for Boutique-y Whisky? Whilst our labels may be a bit of fun, we’re very serious about the whisky. Our aim is always to bottle interesting whisky, whether it be a single grain, a single malt or a blend. Of the single distillery bottlings each batch is unique, and one batch will be quite different from the next depending upon cask and maturation. Our Blended Scotches obviously will have some continuity, however each new release will be slightly different from the previous in terms of make-up. It could be older, or younger, but the style will remain similar.

Where can you be found outside of our events? We have a full schedule of shows across the country through The Whisky Lounge as well as other organisers. Our Events Page will show you where we’ll be next. Our full range is available online through Master of Malt or Amazon, but we also have a network of retailers who will stock some of our range which are listed on our Where to Buy page


Dave having fun with Shilton in our free photobooth at the Alton event:

Dave Booth

Look at for him at our Guildford event in May.  Tickets are here.  He’ll be giving away samples and chatting through the range- whilst entertaining us throughout as usual!