Brand New (and vice-versa)

We have three new brands joining us at Winchester on 26th August, and we can’t wait to try them!  One to each bar- we’re adding to the distilleries’ ranges that we already love, and branching out to a new one in the bourbon section.  So, who do we have and what are they like?  Here’s what they have to say … Read More

Are you an artist? Step inside, we may have a job for you…

So, we have a project over the summer that requires some artwork to be created to our specifications. Guess what? We can’t draw! Can you?! We’d love to get involved with someone that has a shared interest in whiskey, our sense of humour, and GETS what we’re doing. It’s a few simple projects, mainly revolving around human drawings that are … Read More

Pizazz in Portsmouth!

One of the grandest venues we’ve ever had the pleasure of hosting a festival in has to be Portsmouth Guildhall.  It’s a stunning building and was a salubrious backdrop to our whiskey circus coming to the city for the first time. This festival saw one of our resident brand ambassadors take the helm and deliver his first masterclass for us.  … Read More

Introducing a new partnership with The Craft Whisky Club

Do you know what’s better than whiskey? (Stick with us here…!) Arguably, sharing whiskey with other people and making friends that will be there throughout those hours of the day when you can’t be drinking whiskey, that’s what. With that in mind, we’ve made a new friend – and we think you’ll like them because we’ve all got tons in … Read More

Glorious Guildford: all the lowdown is here!

So, we rocked up to The Electric Theatre in Guildford and were delighted with how stunning the auditorium looked once we’d set up. The perfect size for our festival, it was backlit beautifully and we had that all-important breeze snaking through the room when it got warm. Perfect backdrop for the day! We changed the format for this festival to … Read More

New brands join the fold!

We are expanding our brands next festival and we have some excellent additions to introduce to you.  The new brands are not just slipping in through the side door either, they’re arriving with a fanfare as both will be launched by experts in their field explaining the range to everyone at the event with free samples to give you a … Read More

Introducing: Dave of That Boutique-y Whisky Company

Have you noticed a new face in our Whiskey Affair team this year?  It may well be Dave from That Boutique-y Whisky Company.  We wanted to introduce him properly now that the company is becoming a regular feature of our events and give you some idea of the man behind the brand, so he kindly answered some questions for us. … Read More

Altonians Assemble!

Alton Assembly Rooms was another new venue for us and we couldn’t have been more delighted with it. The building is a beautiful town hall and absolutely perfect for our event with versatile facilities and different areas able to cater to our needs. Our masterclass was provided by Steve of Shine London. He chatted through the history of moonshine; held … Read More

March Madness- we’ve secured a definite slam dunk!

So today we thought we’d update you lovely people about all the exciting events we’ve got coming up. Y’know, so you can put them ALL in your diaries and hence devote more time to thinking about all the delightful whiskey you’re going to be sampling. First up, ALTON on 15th of April. This week, we’ve met with the caterers and … Read More

Haslemere Hall hosts one hell of a hoopla

Haslemere Hall was another new venue for us, and we loved it so much that we re-booked for next year before the first session was over!  We had new staff on board this event and a new brand showcasing with us (more on them later), so there were new faces everywhere to mingle with- but we’d not all seen each … Read More